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ridgid planer vs. dewalt

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  • ridgid planer vs. dewalt

    Looking at either the Rigid 1300 planer, hitachi p13f, or the Dewalt 734. The dewalt at $360 is my absolute max price. so far the 3 blade dewalt has my eye, but if it's more of a gimmick I can use the extra moola on blades. I will have to see if my local home depot caries blades, they have a horrible tool section, I usually have to drive 20miles to the next store for a decent selection of accesories. the hitachi and I think the rigid come with stands, which is nice but not nessesary. anyone who's used any of these? I've read good stuff about the rigid planer here... any feed back on the DW?

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    or I may put the planer off and upgrade to a serious router and add a drill press to my collection...


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      The Ridgid and DeWalt are well proven and well reviewed. I'd eliminate the Hitachi due to the lack of a track record unless the Hitachi has some other advantages I'm unaware of. That should help narrow the decision for you based on features and circumstances specific to you.


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        I will include Delta 22-580 to your list; the price is $368.94. I will also take a look at DEWALT DW735, I know it is more expensive but this tools is the latest generation planers.

        Good luck in your purchase.


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          Lots of very nice planers out there. Personally I have a Dewalt 733, but the Ridgid and Delta's are also proven entities with solid track records.

          Changing knives are pretty easy but make sure you can get replacement knives and yes, 3 knives cost more than I believe the 734 uses 3 knives.

          I'd say get the one you can get the best price on, or what ever color you like best.


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            thanks for the feedback. I'm gonna go with the rigid. The stand and extra set of blades swayed me. If I was going to be putting it through heavy duty use I probably would have gone with the dewalt, but I think the ridigid will fit my uses just fine.