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Minor tweak needed for Miter Saw Stand SUV

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  • Minor tweak needed for Miter Saw Stand SUV

    Hello all and Happy New Year!

    Recently purchased the Ridgid Miter Stand SUV for my Hitachi C10FSH...(yes I really do like the saw, it's been a gem from the start, and the stand is one beast). The Stand ...fantastic but heavy, but the big wheels, once the stand is off the truck are great, and they are mounted at the base unlike other stands I've had where the under sized wheels are at the table top, so makes moving it a breeze when open, just like the TS2400LS setup and similar Bosh designs.

    Side note, the width of this stand is very important. Other stands had a narrow wheel base, especially for a large SCMS, and as you get going they start to wobble, not to mention if you have smaller wheels, getting up stairs usually scrapes the stair with the stand...not so with these large wheels and base width.

    One annoying thing I have with the stand is that the 2 square rubber covers over the short legs that you use when folded always pop off while moving and shifting in the truck. They are square, have about 1.5" height, have a metal plate insert, but when the unit goes into the truck, then twists to get the tires in so I can roll it in...they always come off.
    Need a way/idea to keep them secure while still keeping the rubber to have grip and non marring ability. They do no seem to be in the way once expanded, they seem to be there only when the table is in it's lowered collapsed position for support, but when extended they sit pretty flush right against the left side (if wheels ar to the right) extended support so there doesn't seem to be any left/right clearance but a far amount of vertical clearance. Image in the PDF is pretty clear: Off the top of my head I am thinking of a clamp or heavy duty wrap tie as a quick fit to keep them on. Other thought is to try and find casters/wheels to insert into the square tubing instead, giving it the ability to roll in to the truck. If any one knows of a good resource for casters that will fit and not fall out let me know.

    Any ideas? It's all greatly appreciated,

    Thanks in advance,

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    zig, why not just drill a hole thru the tubing and the boots and then secure the rubber boots with a bolt/nut and a couple of washers.
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      Or maybe a couple self tapping sheet metal screws?
      Or Gorilla Glue?
      Or Duct Tape? Yeah, that's it, Duct Tape!
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        Thanks for the ideas guys. It will end up being something like that if I can't find wheels that will work. I'm leening towards casters/wheels because of the way I get it in the truck.
        Right now I wheel it up, lean it on the tailgate, lift and walk it till I can shift it sideways, get the base with the wheels on the tail, then turn it and push it into the bed wheels first. Pullout is opposite. If I get small rollers on the 2 supports it will illiminate turning it, just roll it up, lift the base, roll on the small wheels till the big ones are in and push it in, then the same on the out. I'm gonna poke around and see what I can find. I'm afraid that do to the way I'm loading it and the weight, even secured I'm seeing the boots rip over time, the unit has to be close to 80+ lbs with the saw.
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          Came up with a plan that should work well, will try it this week.

          Grabbed a square piece of hardwood, will shave it to fit into the square metal leg nice and tight. Secure up the wood in the leg a bit with screw or 2. Found some decent casters at Lowes, the ones with the metal peg on top and teeth near the base that slide into a hole. Tap the right size hole into the wood, then snug in the peg, let the teeth grip and I should have a nice strong 2nd set of small wheels.

          All theory mind you but in my mind's eye it looks like it'll work fine