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New table saw question

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  • New table saw question

    I am assembling my new Ridgid table saw and the instructions say to remove the greese that was applied to the table top with a degreeser and apply a "wax paste". Is this asking for a wax like you would apply to your car like a turtle wax or is there something specific that I need to use for this? THanks

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    Any good quality paste wax that does not contain silicone. Butchers seems to be popular.
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      DON'T use automotive waxes, they contain additives that will rub off into your wood and affect your finishes.
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        Johnson's Paste Wax

        This works really well. Get a can of it, either at Wally World, Lowes, some grocery stores, depending where you are. I got mine at Lowes. Put it on as soon as you can, after putting on some sort of rust inhibitor (if you already wiped off your grease).