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What effect does temp. have on tools.

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  • What effect does temp. have on tools.

    I am still trying to finish my work shop I have most of my tools set up now. And am proud to say most of them are RIDGID. However I am not from Central New York I am from Florida. I do not keep my shop heated. I use a heater when I am out there working should I worry about the tempature have any effect on how my tools will perform. I know heat expands and cold contracts. Just a question looking for any and all feed back.
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    My personal opinion and experience is that temperature would have negligable effects on your tools. Certainly I don't see Florida has having any extreme differences, and from what I've seen, neither does NY, at least as it regards normal tool materials like steel, cast iron, and aluminum. Some plastics may get a littel brittle and zero temperatures but we genarally don't work at that temp and the variation from cold to hot or reverse is really only a matter of 50 degrees, generally. Now Siberia or North Alaska, Main or Minnesota might be a bit different.

    Probably a much bigger concern for you would be humidity and those almost tropic temperatures of summer. Rust, corrosion, mold, and those creepy crawly things that exist in Florida would be more my concern. Similarly, these same conditions would seem to be a bit challenging for woodworking, at least from my "northern" perspective.

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      CWS is right. (Or, at least, I agree with him) I'm from Northern Minnesota (our temps range from 100 above to 50 below) and I have found very little, if any, difference in the operation of my tools. The humidity in the summer is the biggest challenge.



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        you may want to look at condensation when it cool in the shop and geting hot out side you may get condensation on your metal tools.

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          Thank you for the info. That is waht I thought that there should be no problem except maybe with conbensation. I have tacken some measurements just to see if there is any effect, I will let you all know come spring.
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