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Removing Packing Grease / Oil On Cast Iron Table

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  • Removing Packing Grease / Oil On Cast Iron Table

    First of all, Happy New Year to ALL !!!

    I have recently purchased a new band saw. The table was packed in an oily substance and wrapped in thin plastic (like saran wrap). It's all over the top, sides and bottom.

    Now I know I need something like Top Care or a Paste Wax (Johnson's has been suggested) after the fact but my real dilema is "How does one get rid of all the Oil / Grease" ???

    Any help would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!


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    Sometimes, WD40 will break it up and wipe clean. If not any solvent or thinner should do it.


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      Kerosene is another possibility. Don't use gasoline, it's not safe to work with.
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        I find that mineral spirits is good for the bulk of the stuff, then aerosol WD40 for the tight spots and a final cleaning on everything.
        Then the paste wax.
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          This might be a little late but I used break cleaner on my table top and then waxed the top. Nothing else seemed to work as well as the break cleaner. Keep the fan going or you will get a contact buzz from the fumes.
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            If you want great results and non-agressive assurance for the protection of plastic or other metalic alloys and rubber belts or seals, try:

            Its great.
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              WD 40 worked great for me. (TS3650)



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                I used Pine-Sol on mine. It has a nicer odor than the other suggestions. It's also quite effective, it even worked a treat on my Delta jointer which should have been labelled 'box of oil and grease (also jointer)'.

                If you're considering using Bostik TopCote- I put it on my 3650 and ended up with some small rust spots (rainy climate). Johnson's Paste Wax was much more effective for me. I used just the wax on my jointer bed and it's still pristine. Just an FYI.
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                  I opted for the paste wax as well, and the top is as pristine as the day it was unpackaged. It rained here for the past 28 days by the way. NO, the saw's not in the rain, but I'm sure you get the idea.



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                    I always though WD40 was good for this but recently read a post somewhere that WD contained silicone. If that is the case we wood guys should be careful using the stuff because silicone will cause fish eyes in your finish. I checked the MSDS and it does not mention silicon but then again silicone is inert so I don't think it has to be listed on the MSDS.
                    Anyone know for sure if WD contains silicon??


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                      i hope this helps
                      What does WD-40 contain?
                      While the ingredients in WD-40 are secret, we can tell you what WD-40 does NOT contain. WD-40 does not contain silicone, kerosene, water, wax, graphite, chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), or any known cancer-causing agents
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