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Nics in new joiner blades ?

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  • Nics in new joiner blades ?

    I just got a ridgid joiner for Christmas. I ran a few boards through it and all seemed well, then I noticed that there were small lines or crests on the surface of the boards. I checked the blades and sure enough there are a couple of nics in the blades. Is this normal ? Should I see something like this right away. Should I try to get new blades under warranty?

    Anyone have any suggestions?


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    I would call Ridgid CS and get a new set of blades. In the meantime get your "old" blades sharpened. (Assuming the boards you jointed were clean and free of any foreign objects.)
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      I would try to get them replaced but I doubt you will be very successful. Getting them professionally sharpened may be cost prohibitive, attempting to sharpen them yourself is always a viable alternative. Replacement blades are $17 at Amazon and I’ve read that Router Bit World will beat that price. That is for the Freud C400 replacement blades, I put some on mine this past weekend and tried them on some curly maple and there was absolutely no tear out, highly recommended.