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    Let me preface by saying that I have zero experience in woodworking. But, I needed a saw last week for a minor house project, bought it, did the job, and now may be hooked into doing some other projects. It was fun, and led me to think of what I can do next. For a long time now, I have collected several somewhat valuable hockey jerseys, of which I have fully intended to frame in nice display cases. Every time I get close to doing it, I just can't seem to justify spending $250+ for the kind I am looking for. Even cheap ones with acrylic faces and so forth are overly expensive. So, time and time again, I put them back in the closet where they sit until I get the same bug a year later.

    Well, with a newfound interest, I would like to build one of these cases for myself. I could not find any plans initially with instructions. I have several ideas of my own, so I guess trial and error may be an option. Has anyone else ever built one of these? I'm looking in the 30" x 40" range with enough space to hang a jersey within it. Any suggestions on the type of wood I should try?

    Thanks in advance!

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    This certainly isn't 30 X 40, but you can easliy make it any size you want. it's just a simple box with a door. I used plexi-glas for the door, and just set it in a dado. The inside is a piece of 1/4" plywood with 1/2" cork glued to it so you can use push pins to hold the ribbons in. I then covered this with black velvet and just double-stick taped it to the back.
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