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wet/dry vac WD1450

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  • wet/dry vac WD1450

    Do any of you guys have this one? It looks like a pretty nice unit. What I find most interesting is that it is rated at 6.0 hp but draws 11 amps. The WD1850 is rated at 6.5 hp, but only draws 10 amps.

    I will be using it primarily to catch the dust from my 3650. Will it connect right up to the built in dust port, or will I need an additional adapter?

    Should I be looking at something else?

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    Not being particularly good at remembering those model numbers, is that the 12 gal vac? If so, I've got one and I love it. Excellent suction, not too noisey and of a size that is convenient to both moving around and having a fairly adequate capacity.

    I'm not sure what size the port is on the table saw, so I don't know if the standard hose will fit directly. But an adapter is available for only a few buck, I'm sure.

    I hope this helps, it's a great vac,



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      I have the equivilant Shop Vac brand. I think it has a 2 1/2 inch hose, which fits in the 3650 dust port just fine.

      I use mine for the saw all the time. I'ts great and with my router table extension it fits under the saw great.
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        It's the Pro series 14 gal model. Here's a link:

        Thanks for your answers guys!