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Ridgid Jointer Availability?

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  • Ridgid Jointer Availability?

    I've been looking at the Ridgid 0610 jointer, but can't seem to find one in stock at a coupla local HD's. Does anyone know the straight scoop on this? I've talked to 6 different folks who each give me a different answer from 'Ridgid doesn't make 'em anymore' to 'we're just out of stock' to 'Let me call you back' (3 of these with no calls in a week...) Anyone have any suggestions on how to get my hands on one? (I'm in Minneapolis, and was hoping to avoid monster shipping charges)

    Or...should I just pony up a couple more bucks for a Jet or Delta at the shiny new store with responsive service and a MUCH better showroom?


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    Dave, Did you try the store in Eagan? They have one in Grand Rapids.



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      Dave, if you're not in any real hurry the closest HD to your house can order one if they don't have any in stock. Just go to the Pro Desk and look for someone in a black apron. If they tell you they can't order it then ask to talk to their boss. If Ridgid makes it, they can get it and Ridgid has not discontinued the jointer to the best of my knowledge.

      FWIW, my HD didn't have the jointer out on the floor for over a year. They just recently began to display it again.
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        ridgid planer

        Just got one for Christmas. Home Depot in Logansport, Indiana. They had 2 more on the shelf. If you think the Jet or Delta is a better planer from a better store, what's stopping you?


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          Thanks for the info folks. Dunno why it's so durn tricky to get good info from the 2 local HD's when I've got part numbers and all. ('tho I haven't had much time to bother with calling back in the last coupla days.)

          The only reason I'm hesitating on the Jet JJ-6 is that the price is about 2x the Ridgid at 600ish. Put that together with the fact I'm not sure how much I'll be using it, and could maybe keep making do with a router table for edge-jointing, and a long list of $$$ projects with a new house....

          That said, I think I am going with the Jet - 'specially since they offered free delivery. Now if I can just clear out a spot to put it...