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TS-3650 Assembly Tips

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    looks like the same manual that came with the saw. I'm gonna head over to the Depot tonight and see if I can figure this thing out by seeing one that actually works.


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      The manual doesn't actually say which bolts to leave loose. It says to tighten them all, but I assume you have to leave the 4 bolts attaching it to the legs loose so it has some up and down play. Hopefully I'll figure it out soon.


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        More set-up stuff

        Assembled my new TS3650 today. I would like to add the following observations for new owners.

        1. That aluminum casting part in the box that is not listed on the parts list is the Spreader Support that holds the blade guard and spreader (see page 36 in assembly inst)

        2. Even if the saw blade is square to mitre joint, check the trunnion bolts. Mine was within tolerance (about 0.010" out) but I wanted it closer. When adjusting it, I found the trunnion mount bolts (all 6) were only hand tight.

        3. When assembling the legs, it is easier to mount the Herc-U-Lift leg brackets while you still have the saw upside down.

        4. Because I didn't have another strong back available, I installed the cast iron table extensions after I had the saw upright. I supported them on side-by-side adjustable saw horses with 2x4 lumber on top to get them close to in-line. Attachment was easy and I was able to adjust them as I installed them. (IMO a safer way of doing it).

        5. Because I installed the extensions after the saw was upright, I was able to install the Herc-U-Lift before attaching them, saving my head form unneeded contusions.

        May have to take the saw back because now I have no more excuses for messing up the honey-do furniture projects!! (Just kidding, it is one nice piece of equipment)
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          Hey Gofor, congrats on the new TS and also for posting some good tips. I did the same on mine leaving the wings off until after I uprighted the TS as I had no one to help either. I didn't have a couple horses so I clamped a 2x4 along the lower edge of the table to form a ledge to rest the one side of the wing on while I got the bolts started, worked but your way is better, and safer to boot.
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            Thank you. I forgot to add that the most important tip was to read "all the above". This site was very helpful to me in deciding to buy the TS3650, and also made my assembly experience much less painful then those that have gone before.

            Now I need to go through the past posts for advice on saw blades, replacement belts, etc (I figure the belt will comply with Murphy's Law, so I'd best be prepared)

            Again, Thank You
            Practicing at practical wood working


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              Hey all, I just finished assembling my 3650 and for some reason have some extra bolts. They are the 1/4 x 20 - 3/4 bolts and 1/4 x 20 nuts (3 of each). Can anyone tell me where these bolts go? I read through the manual, but for some reason I don't see these bolts mentioned. Thanks for your help.


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                They are for mounting an auxiliary fence to the factory fence. The square heads go into the slots. The new fence will require countersinking on the blade side of the face to get the nuts below the surface. If you use an aux fence of 32" (the same length as the aluminum channel on the factory fence) center the middle screw and move the others about 11 1/2" toward each end. This will keep the nuts clear of the blade if you run the fence into it.
                Further on in the directions about saw usage, it says to install the bolts with lock washers and flat washers (not supplied). I went to the local store and bought some 3/4" dia. shoulder washers (for 1/4" bolts) and lock nuts. The 3/4" washers will give you enough room to use a socket to tighten the nuts after you slide the aux fence on.
                Have fun with the new tool.
                Practicing at practical wood working


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                  Thanks for the quick response. Ran the saw and its smooth. Now got to dial everything in for accuracy.


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                    Bolt fit problem on wings

                    I just brought home my new T3650, man that sucker is a heavy load to get down to the basement.

                    I have gotten to the step where the manual says to attach the cast wings. I have found that the outer bolts work just fine, but I cannot seem to work the inner mounting bolts in far enough to thread. It goes in at an angle because of the way it is cast. The bolt seems to long to me, such that it will not fit in the little space far enough to be straight and begin to catch the threads on the other side.

                    My first thought was to grind one down to the right size, but I got frustrated with that. I am thinking of just going back to HD to find some bolts that are .25inches shorter.

                    Any Thoughts?


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                      Check the holes drilled in the wings to see if there are any casting flaws. Might require a slight filing or maybe run a 5/16" drill bit through there carefully to clean out or square up the hole. Its cast so it should drill easily.
                      "It's a table saw, do you know where your fingers are?" Bob D. 2006



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                        Are leaving the bolts loose until you get them all started? Have you tried starting the one giving you the problem first?
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                          I had the same problem and what I did was I pushed those bolts through the top first and then slid the extension over to the table and I had no problems starting them. If you try butting up the extension to the top and then run the bolts in you will be stuck but like I said if you leave the two halfs seperated and then when you have the bolts inserted through the top it worked perfectly for me. And the two end ones are easy.


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                            Bolt Fit Problem Solved

                            Thanks guys! Separating the two pieces worked fine. I'll keep working on it tonight. A little at a time.



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                              I found the extensions heavy also. I set the saw upright before I attached them. I cut the head off of a 5/16" bolt and screwed the bolt into one of the center bolt holes. I then clamped a 2x4 to the top of the table on an edge patallel to the bolt. I then could then slide an extension hole over the bolt, rotate it against the 2x4 and clamped it tu the 2x4. Tthat held the extension in place while the repaining bolts were installed. SAfter all of the bolts were tughtened the table surface and the extensions were not mated to suit me.

                              To fix this I clamped another bar to the opposite edge of the table. After finding the point the extension was low I slipped a washer under the bar on the saw table, put a clamp on the bar and edge of the extension, tightened the clamp and pulled the exrtension up to a point I could find no noticeable diference in table and extension level. I repeated this on all four corners while tightening the bolts. I now can see the joint but running my fingers over it detect no misalignment. The use of two 4' angle irons would probably be better than my 2x4.


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                                Serial number and the lifetime service guaruntee

                                OK I have a quick question, where on the saw is the SN? I live in Alaska and bought the3650 TS. My garage is full and I need to keep the TS in the box until it warms up a little bit, but I want to get my LSG. I need the SN to do this. Where on the saw is it so I can write it down?
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