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Basement shop flooring?

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  • Basement shop flooring?

    Does anyone have a recommendation for flooring in a basement shop?

    I'm looking for easier cleanup, some resistance to stain, etc., and better looks than the bare concrete. I've been thinking of something like an epoxy paint, but haven't done a lot of research on what's out there yet.



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    I used Rustoleum Epoxy on the concrete floor of my garage/shop. It looks great and has held up well. Cleans up easily. They make one for basement floors also.
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      I would recommend furring (is that the right word for when you do it to a floor?) at least part of the floor in your basement shop, particularly if you'll be working with hand planes, chisels, that sort of thing. Ask yourself if there's a chance you'll be dropping a $100 hand plane, then ask yourself if you'd rather drop it on concrete or on wood.


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        I have a garage shop and use a product called Util-a-mat. You can get them at Sam's Club or Ebay. They are very easy on the feet and if you drop a tool it should be ok, in fact I dropped my cell phone the other day and it just bounced a little and was fine.
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          Seems a heavy duty floor paint for garage floors would be a real good, and inexpensive approach. Easy to clean, you can get a gloss paint to shine. Maybe the mats around the area you stand, but I would not want to clean them up all the time. Like to keep it simple here.
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