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  • Fest woodworking tools

    I went to a tool show up in Akron with a friend.(i donot know too much about woodworking i am in the begining stages of learning).Mike my friend and teacher has avery nice shop equiped with GENERAL tools(made in canada).at this show they were featuring Fest tools(made in japan).these tools are very well built you can tell just by how they felt when they were running in your hands. there very tight and smooth very good enginering(tight tolerances)my teach is thinking about changing over to the FEST tools OR FEIN TOOS both are pricie tools.just wanted to know if anybody else has expieranced a FEST tool before.

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    Here is were you can find them: Festool,


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      I have never had the opportunity to use them but everything I have heard about them was positive; unfortunately they are out of my league, price-wise anyway for the limited use my tools see.


      I overlooked that Japanese reference in your post, the Festool products I thought of are manufactured in Germany.
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        But of course it is a german tool. that was the first place i found them. they even have a brushless motor on one of there cordless drills.the C12.


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          Woodslayer thank you for being subtle about the mistake i made of were they were made. other people who post here try to make people look stupid when they make a mistake .thanks.