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Wood Explorer CD Version 2.0 released

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  • Wood Explorer CD Version 2.0 released

    Version 2.0 of the popular Wood Explorer CD was released last week. One of the key improvements is the option to attach one's own data and wood scans to each of the 1,650 species covered in the database. This database includes extensive detail on woodworking and numerical properties, often covering more then 75 separate items per species. More information on the improvements to the CD can be found here:

    Information on the main features of the CD can be found here:

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    Since you did not post a disclaimer, may I ask what your relationship is (if any) to this company?
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      So basically your first post here was to entice people to visit your web site so you can pick up some hits for your banner ads (money for you) and maybe get them to join for what was it $49 (more money for you), or order the CD for $99? Welcome aboard huckster.

      Sorry all, I have a problem with people who invade forums such as this with commercial crap that is only somewhat related to what we discuss here, being that we rarely talk about various wood species, origins, forestry management, harvesting, lumber sawing and drying, etc.
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