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    Here is my problem: The stairs that go down to my basement are 36 inches wide and 8.5 inches deep. I have had several people tell me that they thought the stairs were not deep enough. I have tried looking up the standard stair dimensions but I did not find anything. Can anyone offer some insight on how deep the stairs should be. And if 8.5 inches is not deep enough, is there a way I can extend the tred without having to remove the entire stair tred? Thanks in advance.

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    Yep, they're too shallow

    "5. Follow Rules of Thumb: Try to keep the rise for each step no higher than 7-5/8 inches, and the run or tread no more narrow than 10 inches. It's good to build a comfortable set of stairs anywhere from 32 to 35 degrees, typically stairs where one tread and one riser add up to between 17 and 18 inches."
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      Code here is MAX 8" rise MIN 9" run
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        Lorax and RobertCDF are right on. I have always tried to get the rise as close to seven (7) and the run,or tread, to ten (10) as possible. However, you did not mention anything about the headroom--is this an old house where you might be limited in the total run (the total distance horizontally from the top of the stairs to the bottom) In some cases, structual limitations may prevent you from having a longer run. Give us more info and maybe we can give you more help. Jim


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          If you extend the tread width by 1.5" to ge 10", realize that the extension for each tread will grow as the sum of all those above it (first tread 1.5, second tread 1.5 to make up for the first one and 1.5 to extend it to 10" clearance, third one will extend 4.5", fourth 6" etc).
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            Hi dlanciloti, Been reading this forum for awhile but i'm newly registered here. Here is a web page i found to be useful for myself a couple of times. Hope this will be of some help to you.