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  • Dust Collector bags

    All, I just purchase a Delta dust collector AP400, the box it came with said it had 2 5 micron bags, the manual inside says the bags are 30 micron bags.

    I am confused. how can I tell if I have 5 micron or 30 micron bags.



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    Personally, I'd believe the box. It's much easier for the mfg. to make changes to the packaging than it is to change owners manuals that are done in mass printings.

    You could also call Delta's Customer Service and ask them, 800-223-7278.
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      Thanks BadgerDave,

      As it turns out I called Delta and I am happy to report, I will be receiving (2) 5 micron bags to replace my 30 micron bags. They said that since it was a misprint on the box, they would send the new bags for free.

      Thanks for the idea to call Delta Support, great people... There are still honerable people in this world ... you just have to be lucky to find them...