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Ridgid TS3650 portability

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  • Ridgid TS3650 portability

    Hi folks - I'm a remodeling contractor interested in this saw for high end finish work and dadoes. The only problem is the purported 287# or so of weight. The saw would have to go from job to job in my truck, and also up and down quite a few stairs, as I live in the mountains. My question is this: Is there a way to disassemble or remove the table off the saw and carry it in 2 pieces? I've heard that the saw takes 6+ hours to assemble and tune - if this would have to be done every time the table came off, then this would be a bad idea.
    I just sold mu Unisaw (which i loved) because of the difficulty of getting it to my jobs.
    Mayber i'll just have to lower my expectations and get that cute little Bosch unit, but i'd sure like something with some heft and stability, especially when ripping long sensitive dadoes for stair parts and such.
    I'd appreciate any input on this saw or any other ideas.
    Thanks - Brett

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    These plus a router for those dadoes

    plus this
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      I have the 3650 and I love it, it move very well around my garage, but I couldn't see getting it up and down stairs, maybe in and out of a trailer and leaving it on the gound floor. My uncle just bought the Bosch, he is a door man and he uses it for rough framing and trim work and he loves that it almost loads and unloads itself in the bed of his truck and I am sure you could roll it up and down stairs fairly well.

      Hope that helps.



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        Specifically for dados?

        If your using the saw specifically for dado's, why not just use a router? A router for dado's is allot more versatile and of course allot lighter on you and your budget.
        You can build an adjustable dado jig for around $10 to cut dado's in stock that is really long which is almost impossible to do on a table saw unless you have a nice sled.
        I made a dado jig that self clamps to my wood, tighten 4 nuts and I am ready to go w/ a flush trim router bit.

        If you need a table saw for ripping than I would go with a nice contractor saw.
        The 3650 is a bear! God Bless the man who in vented the wheel and decided to put them on a table saw!


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          If The 3650 Is Like The 2412, The Saw Itself Can Be Removed From The Leg Assembly Without Affecting Any Of The Saw's Settings. While You Are Still Left With The Motor And The Table As One Piece, The Weight Can Be Considerable. I'd Echo Lorax's Suggestion Of The 2400.
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            Removing the legs and herculift from the 3650 will save you about 10 lbs. Hardly worth the effort. The 3650 is NOT a jobsite saw. At least not for loading in and out of a PU or carrying up and down stairs. Just wait 'til someone tries to pick it up by the wings and you'll wish you had the 2400LS.
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              ts2400 vs 4000-09

              I'm a remodeling contractor too and recently purchased the TS2400LS ($399 @ HD) I had compared it with the Bosch 4000-09 ($539 @ Amazon .. $549 @ HD). The price delta was only one factor in my decision, add to that the fact that Ridgid is currently offering a Lifetime Warrenty and it was a no-brainer.

              Since my purchase, I found this post here on the forum ..

              It should answer a lot of your q's about the two saws.

              Larry <><
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                looks like you are a candidate for the ez smart system.