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  • I nteed your help

    I am looking for a link to a video that someone posted about maintaining your table saw, the video was about 8 min long, I want to view it again but can't seem to locate it,I dont even know what forum I was in, all I can recall is this fella used a dial indicator connected to his miter slot I think it was about a week ago that I saw this video, Manybe one of you guys happen to see it also, thanks

  • #2 offers a 15 minute alignment video for the cost of s/h...~ $2 and they take PayPal.


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      You can watch it online here;

      You can download from this page also, right click on the link where it says

      " Instead, use this link: Table Saw Alignment "

      and choose "Save As" to save the video to your computer hard drive.
      But beware, it is 48 MB (don't even think about it on dial-up).
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        I posted the link you mentioned. It is in the 3650 Assembly Tips under Tips and Techniques, the video was at, hope that helps.

        There is a lot of really good stuff in that thread, I would recommend that link to anyone putting a 3650 together.