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Arbor Replacement...TS3650

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  • Arbor Replacement...TS3650

    Hello all,

    I haven't logged on for a long time... I can't believe the changes that have been made!

    Anyway, I archived the info about replacing the defective TS 3650 Arbor (The one that won't allow the use of dado blades) knowing I'd eventually have to perform this task some day. Now my disk is giving me errors and cannot be read by my drive. I need this information and was wondering if anyone can direct me to any threads which detail this process... this new site seems to have no search function, or at least I have not found one yet.

    Back when this was a hot topic (more than a year ago?) I received the new arbor in the mail but never installed it since I was busy with other projects and had no time. An upcoming project would benefit from the new arbor, so I must finally face this task. Thanks for any help given!


    Greg Nold