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Arbor Replacement...TS3650

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  • Arbor Replacement...TS3650

    Hello all,

    I haven't logged on for a long time... I can't believe the changes that have been made!

    Anyway, I archived the info about replacing the defective TS 3650 Arbor (The one that won't allow the use of dado blades) knowing I'd eventually have to perform this task some day. Now my disk is giving me errors and cannot be read by my drive. I need this information and was wondering if anyone can direct me to any threads which detail this process... this new site seems to have no search function, or at least I have not found one yet.

    Back when this was a hot topic (more than a year ago?) I received the new arbor in the mail but never installed it since I was busy with other projects and had no time. An upcoming project would benefit from the new arbor, so I must finally face this task. Thanks for any help given!


    Greg Nold

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      Greg, here is the best thread I found for that issue (hopefully this link will work!):

      Josh, I have noticed many problems with the search function recently. I often get a My_SQL error screen or "There is a problem with the Ridgid Search Function" with both saying an email has been sent to the technical staff. I find that I have best luck when search criteria only contains numbers and no letters. Being as I deal with this stuff in my daily job I won't get all "geeked out" here, but wondered if anyone else noticed similar issues?
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        Thanks much WW Smith! Your link too me to that exact thread I was looking for... thanks again!


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          Try this post


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            Is this something one needs to be aware of on a new saw if purchased today?


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              You probably don't have to worry. The issue has been taken care of. It is possible (but not likely), that the saw you got today has been sitting in the Home Depot for a long enough time that it may have the defective arbor. If you read through the link posted by wwsmith and go to post number 122, it has photos of the problem. I also seem to recall posts that included serial numbers of saws w/ the problem, but can't find it right now. Hope this helps.


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                I actually bought my TS3650 in the early fall of 2004 and did not have that problem. So I guess I was one of the lucky ones.
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                  I recieved a reply from RIDGID and they told me I would just have to try a dado blade to find out if I have an arbor problem. They also said that not all dado blade manufactures make the dado blade to their (RUDGID,s) specs. So this tells me they still handle them (arbor problems) on an individual bassis. Kind of vague on to wheather they addressed the problem or not. But sounds like they blame certian dado blade manufactors for not using the corect specs. If this is the case what dado blade set works the best. As I dont have the financial status to purchase several sets for trial and error. Or should I just return the saw and purchase from another manufacture. I really do want to keep the saw, and as for zero clearnce inserts not to many manufacture to choose from.
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                    I use the Freud SD208 and have no issues. Others have used the SD206 and a couple of other types and seem to be happy as well. You can read other threads on this forum over debates between the 6" and 8" sizes relating to arbor "stress" to formulate you own opinion there. I think cjh20 mentioned above that you can review a post in the thread above that contains photos of the good vs. bad arbor. It is pretty clear to see (having seen it on two other saws friends purchased) simply by removing the insert and existing blade(s) and viewing the arbor with a flashlight whether or not you might have an issue.
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