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    Have a new project on the "Honey-do" list. I need to cut 3/8d x 3/4w dados across six foot long pieces (no more than 24" wide) and am re-setting up shop after having moved. New saw is a TS3650, a great improvement over the last one. Just wondering if there are any designs better than I've used in the past (straight lumber tied to two mitre slides). It worked, but I know there's better (have one in mind) but its very evident that I lag way behind all the expertise I've seen on this site. If anyone cares to share ideas that would not cost more to build than the end furniture, I would appreciate it.

    Also, you HD'ers out there, we could really use a good HD in Goldsboro,NC, so that we could at least get passable materials locally. When all you can find is "Cabinet Grade" veneer plywood ($45+ per sheet) with open knot holes on both sides, it pretty much sucks for the home DIYer. And that's in a state that bills itself as the furniture capitol of the US!!.
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    If I understand correctly, you want to cut dadoes across a 2' x 6' piece of plywood. If that is correct, I would use a router and a straightedge.
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      Aw shucks. And this new table saw is S-O-O-O much fun to play with!!

      Guess I was over-engineering things a bit. Thanks for the reality check
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        I built a dado jig for my router after reading an article on new It works great, I have used it several times and each time gets faster and easier and I trust myself a little more with the cut. The dado's were perfect, I built mine out of left overs I had in the shop. If you haven't visited this site before Tom Hintz does a good job with it. Lots of good info.
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          Thanks McCoy54. Looks like just what I need. I've used the straight guide edge before but didn't think of putting a base piece to get that final perfect reference line. Simple, too. Gotta get back to concentrating on working smarter, not harder,
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            check this out too:

            I use this with a 1/2 bit to make a wide variety of dado widths.

            Or you can use a straight edge and an exact bit. If you're making dados for plywood shelves- consider an undersized bit (23/32) since most ply is a hair less than 3/4 wide. My 3/4 straight bit makes sloppy joints for plywood.

            Edit: Oh yea, I was pricing a 23/32 bit myself the other day, Rockler is having a sale on their bits, I've never used a rockler bit before but the price seems right.


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              about the jig

              hi guys I know I'm just a newbie here but I saw somewhere while surfing the same daddo jig but they said make two once yo have the first one in place you use the same material as your project to set the width of your daddo. just butt it up to the first jig then set your second one and clamp it. then run your daddo on one side then down the other and you should get perfect fitting daddoes even if you use a smaller bit................. which is the preferred method (so I have read) and it makes since to me.