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MS1290LZ Fence Alignment problem

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  • MS1290LZ Fence Alignment problem

    I purchased the MS1290LZ a couple months ago and am having trouble with the alignment of the blade and the fence. Just today I discovered something that may be contributing. If you hold a straight edge across both sides of the fence, that is, from the left hand fence all the way to the far edge of the right hand fence, the two sides of the fence are not aligned with each other. Holding the straight edge tight to the face of the left hand fence produces a 1/16" gap at the far edge of the right hand fence. No wonder I can't seem to align the fence to the blade. The two sides of the fence are not parallel!!

    Anyone else had a similar problem? Or is this not really that big a deal to worry about. My concern is that my precision saw is not capable of producing precision cuts.