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BS14002, bandsaw riser block

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  • BS14002, bandsaw riser block

    My HD folks (southern NY state) searched for access to the accessory riser block for the BS14002. The Asst. Manager took a few minutes and found that the SKU# is 367456 (not the one listed in the accessories pamphlet that comes with the users manual), but the Part# is still AC5005. He said it would take a week or two to get it. Also, the list price he gave me was $58.47. I went to the Contractor's Desk to get this information, since the Special Service desk didn't seem to have any idea about it. Will most likely order one and get to some serious re-sawing.


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    You might do some searching here on the bandsaw and riser block. Some people have used the Grizzly riser if I remember correctly (IIRC) because they either could not get the Ridgid or were not thrilled with the high price of the Ridgid riser. Supposedly the Griz riser block works fine, but I can't say first hand because I don't have the Ridgid BS. The Grizzly riser was about half IIRC.
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      Roy, according to my 2005 Grizzly catalog, the Griz riser block kit, H3051, sells for $57.95 plus S&H. In the past, people have complained that HD and OrderTree were charging as much as $150 for the Ridgid riser kit. If you can get the OEM Ridgid kit for $58.47 thats the route I'd go. Plus, you won't have to repaint the Ridgid one.

      Don't forget to order some new blades as your current one will be too short.
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        With the riser block, what would that make the resaw capability (height)?


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          The riser ads 6" to the resaw capacity.
          "It's a table saw, do you know where your fingers are?" Bob D. 2006


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            Don't you also need to get a new upper guard assembly too, or is that included with the riser block?

            It seems to me that once you raise the upper portion of the bandsaw, you'll not be able to lower the existing guard/guide assembly any lower than 6" above the table.

            Obviously I don't own the BS1400, so the question may be totally irrelevant.



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              I recently bought the 14" Delta X5, with the riser kit. The Kit came with the block, pins, rear guard assembly, I added a wheel brush to it and it works great, and an adjustable blade guard to fill the 6" gap up front, that you would have with out it. As far as longer blades, I went from 93" to 105". The only problem I had installing the block was the darn nut on the bolt was 1-1/4" and I didn't have a darn wrench big enough and the space was to tight for anything but a wrench or a socket. So I had to get the wrench and it ran $28 at sears. Hope that helps.


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                The Ridgid riser block came with the block longer guide arm hardware and a blade.
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                  Thanks for input

                  Thanks folks, for the input!
                  I had read that a new blade would be 105" after inserting the riser block. Also, I had read on these forums that Grizzley riser would fit a Ridgid, but I wondered about voiding the warranty, thus my question to my local HD people. The OrderTree website gave a price of somewhat over $100. The Customer Support person at Ridgid mentioned that HD would be considerably cheaper than OrderTree.
                  There is plenty of room to loosen the 1" nut and bolt that holds the frame together, but I hope there are additional mounting sites for the switch when the block goes on; the length of electrical cable between switch and motor look a tad short for mounting in the current position.
                  Thanks again!