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ridgid wood lathe accessories

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  • ridgid wood lathe accessories

    does anyone know where i can find additional tools for my wood lathe, like rests and cutt h?

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    There's not much there, but you could look at
    for what Ridgid offers. You should be able to use most wood lathe accessories from various manufacturers such as rests, tailstock centers (as long as they are the correct size, I believe the WL1200 is a Morse #1 taper), faceplates, etc. A center rest or steady rest which provides additional support to the center of a long workpiece of any make will work as long as it can be adjusted to the centerline of your work and will mount to the WL1200's bed.

    I don't own a WL1200 but had a Craftsman 12" lathe that was very similar a few years ago.

    Try Woodcraft, Amazon, or a host of other online and brick & motar stores. I am sure that people on this forum who do turning can provide additional resources. It can be handy to visit your local Woodcraft if you have one to get an eyeball on items and maybe buy if you have done your homework and find their prices reasonable once you factor in shipping from someone halfway across the globe.
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      lathe answers

      thanks bob for your advice. I'm new at turning and am trying to find out as much as possible. i didnt know if i owned a ridged lathe that i could only use ridgid accessories. thanks again