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  • lathe chucks?

    im looking to make a bowl on my lathe. can anyone make any sense to all of the holders out there. I have the plate that you screw into the bottom of the bowl but wouldnt that leave holes in the wood? i was thinking of turning the shape of the bowl and leaving extra meat for the plate and then howling out the bowl, but that leaves the wood were the plate was attached. does a guy just grind that off and sand. i guess i have no clue how the system works without buying 200 hundred dollars worth of fancy chucks. thanks

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    I'm not sure I can help with this one I haven't done much lathe work, however there is a show on DIY network that shows alot of bowl work. You maybe able to find some info at DIY"s site the show is woodturning "something" I like to watch it my wife hates it so I don't get to see it to much. Good luck with your Bowl.
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      There does not appear to be many people who have a great interest in woodturning here. I rarely see a post about turning.

      Here's info on 4 woodturning clubs in your state, one of them may be close to you or you might check out their websites if they have one. There is plenty of information on turning on the web, you just have to go and find it. Use Google or another search engine, you'll uncover hundreds of links to woodturning information.

      Badger Woodturners
      Bob Falk –
      Madison Area

      Coulee Region Woodturners
      Telephone: (608) 783-0883
      Duane Hill –
      West WI, Southeast MN and Northeast IA

      Northeast Wisconsin Woodturners
      Telephone: (920) 235-6707
      Greg Kulibert –
      Northeast Wisconsin

      Wisconsin Woodturners
      Telephone: (262) 646-4190
      Monty Parker –
      Milwaukee Area
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        There are turners here, just the subject does not come up. I have had my lathe for several years and turn bowls, candle holders, watches, and pens quite often. When I bought my lathe I got a couple extra plates for it. I have never found the need for those expensive chucks. Now Scott, here is how to turn a bowl. Start by screwing a waste block onto you mounting plate. I use a piece of scrap 2X pine. Turn this down so that it is round and just a little bit larger then the face plate and has a flat face on it. Now use turners double sided tape to attach your bowl blank to the waste block. I use tape from Woodcraft. Clamp the blank to the waste block for about 10 minutes to ensure a good bond. Now just install onto your lathe and start turning. Start at a low speed until you get the bowl rounded, then up the speed to finish turning. Sand it on the lathe with it turning and then finish the same way. I like Hut brand Crystal Coat finish, also available at Woodcraft. Take a look at my web site for examples of my turnings and a tutorial I made for turning pocket watches on the lathe. Click on woodworking on the home page. Any more questions you can post here or email me at
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          lathe problem solved!

          thanks for all the info guys. papadan your sketch is exactly what i needed to see. i will order some tape and try that out. i want to add that this forum has been a great help to me and am thankful for all the help. im sure ill have many more questions as i start my projects. thanks again