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lathe chucks?

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  • lathe chucks?

    im looking to make a bowl on my lathe. can anyone make any sense to all of the holders out there. I have the plate that you screw into the bottom of the bowl but wouldnt that leave holes in the wood? i was thinking of turning the shape of the bowl and leaving extra meat for the plate and then howling out the bowl, but that leaves the wood were the plate was attached. does a guy just grind that off and sand. i guess i have no clue how the system works without buying 200 hundred dollars worth of fancy chucks. thanks

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    Do a search on Lathe glue blocks. You can glue a strap piece of wood to the bottom side of the bowl piece with a piece of grocery bag paper in between. Mount the scrap piece to the faceplate. When it comes time, make the seperation at the paper joint, and sand the remaining paper and glue off.



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      Scott, I posted a full discrption on your other lathe chuck post
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        thank for the help

        thanks again for all the help. i would have never thought one could tape or glue to secure the bowl. anything sounds better than 200 bucks for a holder