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  • question about a router bit...

    I know that this is a RIDGID forum, but I can't find an answer to a question I have about my PC router. I have a 694 combo kit, the 1 3/4 HP fixed and plunge base. I just bought a couple of bits for some work, and so far I'm happy. But, the PC 1/2 inch shank 1/2 inch roundover bit is giving me a headache how to actually use it. The subbase plates for both the fixed and plunge bases do not let that bit pass through it. Attach above the base, you can't feed the work. Attach below the base, and it looks like it won't be a roundover but instead have an edge above the roundover. I'm probably overlooking something, and need some guidance. Thanks in advance.

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    Sounds like you need a sub base with a larger diameter opening.



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      Looks like I'm going to have to go down that route, it just seems odd that PC would make bits that don't fit their own routers....thanks


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        I have the 895 fixed/plunge set and the only bit that would not fit was my raised panel bit.
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          Yes, you are going to need a base with a larger opening. You might want to consider an offset base (for an example go here: ). These are sort of a teardrop shape with a grab knob/handle on the offset portion. The offset gives you better control when doing edge work because you keep the offset part of the base over the work. This lets you get good down pressure on the supported side of the router and helps keep it from tipping.

          If you are new to using a router check out Pat Warner's site ( ). There are also plenty of other good sites with information on routing, but Pat's is probably one of the better ones.

          Pat's bases are kinda pricey I think, though they are very nice. But shop around before you plunk down whatever he is asking for his bases now-a-days.
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