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  • Router Angle-Ease

    Anyone used one of these?

    Is it useful/work as advertised?

    You can see it here on Woodhaven's website:

    Seems kinda pricey at $169 plus an adapter for your router at $32.
    The optional height adjuster adds another $52.

    I think I might try to build something similar for my own use. Doesn't look too difficult.
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    Way expensive

    I agree. It's a cool idea but come on. That's just too expensive. IMO.
    It looks very well made, but i still wouldn't put that kind of money into it. Even if i did already have all the tools i need
    Yoroshiku onegai shimasu


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      Looks to be made from PVC sheet stock. BTW, if you have never fabricated with PVC, its great to work with and machines/taps very easily with common wood working tools. I keep small 1/4" and 1/2" sheets on hand for jigs & fixtures.



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        How rigid (stiffness) is the 1/2" PVC? I think that 3/8 or 1/2" Lexan would be a good choice for the base plate. How does PVC compare to Lexan of an equal thickness, I would think it would not be as strong or rigid.

        What are some other possible choices in plastic? I was thinking of using 1/4" Aluminum for the base plate and other flat parts and a more flexible material for the motor clamp, PVC might be a good choice there.

        I will probably make my first attempt in 1/2" MDF as it is cheap and easy to work. Once I get the bugs out then build one in another material which would hold up longer than MDF.
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          Here's what I came up with after spending a few hours in AutoCAD.

          Sorry, but can't share the drawings, that would be copyright infringement. By that I don't mean that I stole their drawings, nothing of the sort. I drew up my own version in AutoCAD and tweaked dimensions until it all worked (or looked like it would work anyway), then I cut my pieces from there. I can build my own for my own use, and so can you. All I ever saw of their design was what you see in my first post in this thread.

          This is clobbered together using what hardware I had in the shop, some 1/2" MDF, and a router table base plate made out of some kind of plastic I picked up at Sears for $6.97. Could have used MDF for the base but I thought that it should be made from something more stable and rigid than MDF. I've tried it out and it works pretty good I must say. I did not make it to mount in a router table as the original does, so I added the ability to attach an edge guide and a chip shield which do not appear on the original.

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            Actually the pvc in 1/2" thickness is very Ridgid(no pun intended), and cost a whole lot less than Lexan. I have also used polypro kitchen cutting board material, 8x10 or so from the local dollar store for 5-6 bucks.

            Mockup looks good, don't you love AutoCAD? For alittle fun in spare time, download a free trial of SketchUp from @Last Software. If you don't draw in 3-D with Acad, this will get you there in no time.



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              Thanks for the tip on the PVC and SketchUp, I have never used either.

              I do work in 3D in AutoCAD and IntelliCAD, which is very similar to AutoCAD. In fact, if you are used to using AutoCAD but don't want to pay the high price get IntelliCAD Pro. For about $250.00 you get the look, command line control, 99% of AutoCAD functions (2D & 3D), Block Manager, AutoLISPs, XREFs, plus most add-ons written for AutoCAD will run with IntelliCAD. Check it out at .
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                Well there it is!

                So you did post it! Good deal!
                Soooooo... You ARE planning on making one for us guys right?
                I mean, Valentines day is coming up ya know...
                Yoroshiku onegai shimasu


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                  Mini Angle-Ease for RIDGID R2400 router

                  A while back I made my own version of the Woodhaven Angle-Ease
                  for one of my routers.

                  I was just back looking at their site and I see they make a
                  version now to fit the RIDGID model R2400 V.S. Laminate Trimmer.


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                  "It's a table saw, do you know where your fingers are?" Bob D. 2006