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Melamine for a router table

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  • Melamine for a router table

    Where do you get Melamine if you want to make your own router table?
    I was going to buy one from Rockler but they seem to have had a run on them and all are "Oversold". So maybe i'll just make my own then after all.
    But i really like the melamine surface with the MDF core, but i don't know where to get the stuff.
    Can somebody point me in the right direction?
    Yoroshiku onegai shimasu

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    I like these or you can look here


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      Your local lumber yard should be able to get it for you.
      If you know a local cabinet maker see if he will give or sell you cheap some small pieces, maybe some offcuts from work he has done. If he works with Corian® for counter tops you might weasel a couple pieces to make some nice cutting boards with or use them to make zero clearance inserts for our table saw, you only need a blank about 4-1/4 x 13-1/2 to make a insert from, but measure your saw's throat plate opening and see.
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        Good ideas

        I like that site. I'm going to go through there a little closer later today. I noticed even the blanks are kinda expensive there Ouch.
        I'll check our lumber yard too.
        That CorianĀ® stuff would make a great insert. I made mine up out of MDF. That CorianĀ® would last forever.
        Yoroshiku onegai shimasu


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          How much are you looking to spend on a router table and fence?


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            Most of the big box stores also carry melamine laminated chipboard.



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              Melamine Router table

              I just mounted the Rousseau plate my wife gave me in a MDF table. 3/4+1/2 mdf base table with laminate countertop (Formica) top and bottom. I will band the whole thing in red oak. Sure, it'll weigh a ton, but it will be dimensionally stable (I'm sealing the routed area with poly) and will be adding mini t-track and miter track as soon as Might-T Track sends the goods. I'm planning a cabinet for the base to include both above and below table dust collection. Will post pics when its done. Of note, I called a local custom counters shop and they are going to give me the laminate since they have it left over. Hey, reduce, reuse, recycle.
              Hopefully they'll give me enough to construct the fence shown in the Wood magazine a couple of months ago.
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