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    Ihave two openings in a basement i am making an inlaw suite and i have a 72inch opening and a 66inch opening. I was wondering if anyone had any tips on how to make arches for this. Maybe a website with a good how to on them. I also was wondering how to get them to look good together since they will be me making a right angle.

    If you walking in thru the living room i the first opening leaves the living room and the next one is directly to the right. they make a right angle where they come together. hope this is not confusing.
    RYan Varga

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    Ryan: You didn't say what kind of material you will be using for these arches (i.e.- wood. sheetrock, plaster ??) Give us a little more info and maybe we can help.



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      They will be covered with sheetrock a
      RYan Varga


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        door arches

        in my basement i used paneling and found this is the easiest way to do a arch type door.
        if your using drywall they sell the metal forms that are already bent for a arch or you can size them. i think thats how it is done with drywall. good luck
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          If you are using curved arches,and I am assuming you are, cut out your curve from a piece of plywood or board, (four for each arch) nail them into each corner, then wet the back side of your sheetrock and it will bend to the curve. (try a few scraps till you get the hang of it) You can use either a metal corner bead (make lots of cuts about one inch apart on one side to bend it to the curve) or a paper sided one. HTH Jimm