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dado blade for my 3650 table saw

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  • dado blade for my 3650 table saw

    I'm wondering what brands will work for my saw? I'm finding it very hard to find information and answers to basic questions on my ridgid saw. Very good product, need some help where to look?

    Also looking for the dado inset "cover" any information would be great. I was thinking of making one. Good or bad idea?

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    Mike, there is plenty of information here on this forum. In fact your topic has been discussed a number of times in the past couple weeks. Use the search feature and/or look through the list of threads from the past year in the Woodworkers Corner, you will find at least 3 or 4 threads which contain a number of posts on the subject.

    Here's a search on dados that should give you just what you want;

    Making your own ZCI (Zero Clearance Insert) to match your dado set is a good idea. Remember that the maximum benefit is obtained from a ZCI when it is dedicated to one dado width, so you will want to make yourself a number of blanks and then cut an opening in one to match the dado width used for a particular project. Once you have a ZCI for say 23/32" or 3/4" or whatever, you should mark it and save for the next time you need to run a dado of that width.
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      One good idea that I have heard of is to take the ZCI and print on one side of it the exact combinations of the blades and shims used with that particular ZCI. (For instance, 3/4" plywood is not usually exactly 3/4".) That way you will know how to set up your dado blades/shims for that exact measurement. You should also write the exact opening size as well.
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        I got a zero-clearance insert from MCLS for $15... actually I bought two... then I ended up making some for about $5.


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          Thank You for your help