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    Has anyone used a Delta Zero Clearance insert on a Ridgid TS3650 tablesaw? I know I could make one using the existing insert and half inch stock with my router, but for the sake of ease, has anyone tried this?

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    How much is it or do you have one laying around that you want to make use of?

    The Might-T-Track inserts I think are the best deal out there for a manufactured insert. Cheapest (lowest price) is to make your own.

    search the forums or look at the thread on TS-3650 Assembly Tips for inormation on ZCIs.
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      Yours is the first time I've seen anyone ask if that particular insert will work in a 3650. That sorta makes me think that it won't fit.
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        Rockler currently caries the Delta insert and the measurements match the measurements for the insert on a TS3650, though I have not had a chance to compare the two at a Rockler store to see if they are identical.