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3650 Dust shield on a TS2424

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  • 3650 Dust shield on a TS2424

    I was at the local Depot admiring the 3650 and looked up underneath to see what had changed since my 2424 was made. I noticed a nifty dust shroud. First, does this design actually work well? Second, if it does can it be installed on the 2424 without major machining? I have tried numerous chutes, baffles, hoods etc, but dust still seems to escape. It appears that the 3650 setup gets the dust before it can go anywhere.
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    I only connect mine to a shop vac, but it works quite will for my uses. Still get some dust out the top which I have recently seen others on this forum are combating using an additional dust collection hose connected to a dust port mounted to the blade guard, but I have not found the need to do so.

    Unfortunately, I am not too familar with the 2424 so I can't personally say if a similar thing could be adapted or not.

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