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    Maybe not at this moment... But i sure better see that thing before the 21st!
    Then i'll be whining on here about how i have my new DC all hooked up but "woe is me i have no bag to contain my dust... woe is me..."

    Then you'll be feelin all sorry for me and wishin you hadn't been all la-dee-da about the whole situation.

    Yeah. Then won't you feel all crunchy!?!

    I think i've made my point.
    Yoroshiku onegai shimasu


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      Originally posted by nobunaga-sama
      Maybe not at this moment... But i sure better see that thing before the 21st! BWAAAHHAAAHAAA, Like that's gonna happen.
      Then i'll be whining on here about how i have my new DC all hooked up but "woe is me i have no bag to contain my dust... woe is me..."
      So what else is new?
      Then you'll be feelin all sorry for me and wishin you hadn't been all la-dee-da about the whole situation. Wanna bet!

      Yeah. Then won't you feel all crunchy!?! Crunchy? Crunchy? I don't think I've ever felt crunchy in my life! WTH is "Crunchy".

      I think i've made my point. You had a point?
      But seriously. PM me your address and I'll send you free of charge one brand new official Woodworkers Supply Plastic Dust Collector Bag. (Anything to avoid the above mentioned whining!)
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      "Did you put the yellow key in the switch?" TOD 01/09/06


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        When I am feeling blue, I just log on and listen to you!

        Sama, L, you two are like the itchy and scratchy show. Or is it the crunchy and feely show. Whatever, you two are something else, but always good for a smile if not a laugh.

        Sama, did you buy the damn thing yet?

        L, that really is a nice crib you made. My wife asked me to make a craddle, finished assembly lastnight. Now I just need to finish it. Gonna try that cherry finish from the thread a few months back.

        Keep the laughs coming you two.


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          Hey L, I don't think these guys take us seriously They seem to think we are kidding or something...

          Well kdurhamjr, I've got the DC coming. If my calculations are correct (which OF COURSE they never are) it should arrive on Thursday the 16th. I'm thinking i should take off work that day to be there for the big event
          I'm going to order bottom plastic bags and a .1 micro felt upper bag probably today.
          THEN (as if that wasn't enough ) I have to order up a poo load of ductwork, blast gates, flex hose, connectors, straps, a partridge AND it's pair tree, etc...
          ...And let's not forget the darn remote control!

          My wife is either going to divorce me or have me committed!

          So when are we going to see pictures of this craddle?
          Lorax showed you his, now...
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          Yoroshiku onegai shimasu


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            I'll snap a few pics this afternoon when I get home. It is still not finished, but I like how it has turned out.


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              Tough critic

              Well, nobody is a tougher critic than the one doing the creating...
              Yoroshiku onegai shimasu


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                I finally got my dc put together. Took several hours. Of course I had plenty of help from my black lab. she kept wanting to hand me the screws or should I say carry off the screws.


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                  Lorax did you get my message about sending the plastic bag?


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                    Give us the gold ma brother!

                    Come on L Turner, give it up!
                    What do you think of this bad boy? Does it look like a nice setup or what?
                    Is it well made? Does it seem sturdy? Long lasting? Are you happy with how it came in? All parts there? Nothing broken? How long from when you ordered it did it take to come in? Have you fired it up yet? If so how noisey is it?

                    okay... breathe...
                    Yoroshiku onegai shimasu


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                      I got mine at the local HF. Had to take it out of the box to get in my car. They gave me the internet price. After got it together, fired it up and it works great. Really not that noisy. I am satisfied.


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                        excuse me but is HF as in harbor freight?


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                          Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding!!!

                          YOU GOT IT!!!

                          Sorry you win nothing though...
                          Yoroshiku onegai shimasu


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                            He guys.

                            Just thought I'd reread this thread (NO, not ALL of it!) A couple of you have already purchased and are using the HF dust collector. There's a HF store about 45 minutes from here and the Pennstate store is about 45 in the other direction. It would be worth my while to go to either store rather than shipping.

                            Pennstate has a 2hp model that runs on 220 for $259. The 1 micron bag is included and I believe the 1 micron filter is an option - not exactly sure.
                            Pennstate also has a 1.5hp unit that runs on 110 for $299 with the 1 micron set up. A 50' hose is included.

                            You all know about the HF model and the price of $159 + needed bag upgrade and hose, etc.

                            I see some of you have the HF or are waiting for it to arrive.

                            Does anyone OWN one of these two Pennstate units?

                            Thanks tons!


                            Stay well and play well.


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                              Originally posted by skipsax
                              Hello all. First let me say that I'm learning quite a bit from this forum and truly appreciate all the knowledge shared here.

                              While reading other posts, I have begun to look into the next step in building a better shop for this hobbyist.

                              It seemed pretty clear that a planer/jointer was likely a good next step at first. Right now HD and Lowe's are really the only regular source of lumber for me and I haven't even graduated to using oak yet! My wife loves the look of pine and oak. No exotic woods expected for me anytime soon. Now it seems the planer/jointer may not be the next tool to buy - right?

                              Anyway with regard to dust collection - I've been using my shop-vac to capture the larger dust particles and chips since aquiring my TS3650 but don't have it hooked up to anything else. It was just really cool to be able to hook up the hose of the shop-vac to the table saw!

                              Perhaps dust collection is the best direction to look for me at this time. I had pneumonia last year for the first time and my lungs seem to be rather sensitive since then. My shop is located in one bay of the two car garage and moved out to both bays when a project is underway.

                              Whew...that's a lot of background info, but I hope for good reason.

                              Here's an article I just read: Any thoughts? Thanks in advance!!!


                              I got sick and tired of having to always empty my 2 stage dust collection can so I did some searching for a way to put a bag in the can and I found a thing called Bagkeeper I looked like it might work so I ordered it about $20.00 bucks it works GREAT...

                              This is a very usefull site thanks Ridgid good luck


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                                motor control box

                                great setup steelewoodworker. Just like what I put together for my collector, minus the fuses. I also added a 110 switch to shut off when I am not in the shop. It may not be needed but I was concerned about it picking up a stray RF signal and it starting with out me. The nice thing is you can pick up the key chain remotes for about 6 bucks, put one on every machine.