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  • TS3650 Wobbly legs

    I saw a post from one that was considering buying this saw. He reconsidered after seeing the legs are flimsy. I too noticed this same thing at two seperate Home Depots. Seems to have way too much wobble, chinsey legs for an otherwise nice looking saw. Have been debating between this and the Hitachi CF10 at Lowes, which is a very solid saw.
    The Rigid has the longer table, but that wobble? I can't make up my mind between these two, but now I'm leaning toward Lowes and the Hitachi. Though there's a lot I like about the Rigid.
    Can anybody out there drop a comment? Thanks a bunch.
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    My experience here in NC is that some stores don't put a lot of effort into setting up the display tools (Greenville NC is a graphic example with few tools assembled, and those half-a$$ed and with broken parts on them). I bought a TS3650 (from Rocky Mount, NC) a couple of weeks ago, Saw is very stable on legs if they are installed correctly, the bolts tightened, and the levelers adjusted. I have run a full sheet of 3/4 veneer ply through it and the saw didn't budge.
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      My saw is only a couple months old. I move it around on the herculift all the time, reset it and use it in a different position all the time. The legs ar rock-solid for me. The ones on display at my two nearest HDs are not put together well at all. The set up takes a while, and the directions are good but not great. Fortunately, I wasn't in a hurry and put the saw, stand and table together over the course of a week or so. A couple steps needed to be redone along the way due to confusing directions or my inability to understand them. Whatever the case, the table saw is rock solid and the only shortcomings or stability issues have to do with how it is assembled.

      Hope that helps.
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        I agree with Gofor and Skip. Assemble the 3650 carefully and it's solid as a rock.
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          I agree with what was said by the others, my saw never moves when I am feeding wood through it. This is an amazing saw I highly reccommend it over the Hitachi. I really didn't have to much trouble getting the saw together the instructions are alittle screwed up but as long as you don't follow them to the T you will be fine. Use common sense when assemblying it, because whom ever wrote the instructions didn't.


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            legs table saw

            I had my saw now for two yrs, when I first set it I made sure everything was right on. Now two yrs later and after alot cutting and moving, its still there good and firm. Love this saw!!


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              I agree about the instructions. I bought mine friday noght. Started putting it together yesterday. While putting together some pieces,it said to use a certain screw. But it did not give the size. So I ended up guessing. I hope it works.


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                I've had my saw for over 2 years as well and it is still solid and firm with no complaints. Not rushing the assembly process like they probably do in the stores is a good idea.

                Sanman, did you download the latest assembly instructions off the Ridgid website? Many people have commented that they were better than what has come with the saw and there are also some other threads that can be searched on this site for some assembly tips.

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                  I found my saw to little shaky after assembly. So I added some upper supports for the legs on the sides which got rid of the of the problem. If they would have added one support brace across the top of the legs on the side then there would have been no problem. So far this is the only problem I have found with my saw. Which to me is minor.

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                    Thanks to all of you for taking the time to respond. I am now leaning hard towards this saw. [TS3650] Thinking about doing the reinforcement of the legs. Did come across a link on here that showed a real awesome way of doing it. Thanks again, anymore please let me know your thoughts.
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