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figured it was worth $40

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  • figured it was worth $40

    hey everyone, Just figured I would ask to a question I wass driving around the other day and came across a garage sale and back in the back I found a 8 1/2in ryobi Radial arm saw. Wasn't really sure what I would need it for but when he said that he wanted $40 for I asked if it worked then we pluged it up and loaded it in the truck. I figured it was worth $40. But wha I was wondering is what can I do with it that I can't do with my 12in sliding miter and my table saw. SO if you guys can let me know what kinda cool things I can do with it I would be greatfull haha.

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    I'm not sure of the model, but many of the Ryobi RAS's had a high speed motor, almost similar to a router. If so, and provided you can get the right kind of collet or chuck adapter, you've got yourself an overhead router in the making. This would be great of routing dado's instead of using a dado stack.

    I've had a Craftsman since RAS since 1974 and love the crosscut and compound miter ability. Most of my woodcutting experience has been with the RAS. I recently purchased a table saw, but it's still in the box. I think it will take some getting used to, especially with crosscuts. Of course, your SCMS is probably your preferred tool for that, and certainly it's less prone to loose it's alignment, not to mention "climb" on you (if you've never used a RAS, be careful when feeding the crosscut).



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      well its a Ryobi model RA-200 where would I find info about changing it to a overhead routor now that I could some cool uses for. although I do like the Idea of having a dado saw setup all the time. I would also like to find a manual on it but ryobi doesn't support it anymore.


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        ryobi Manual

        These might help.

        Ryobi customer service at (800) 323-4615


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          thanks for the link I emailed that guy to see if he could email me a copy of the manual so we will see. where can I find the info to convert it to a over head router that would be real usefull for putting details on my work.


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            Tinderbox. You got ripped off at $40. I'll be happy to take it off your hands and even give you all your money back.
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              figured for 40 bucks I got ripped off haha. I just have to figure what cool stuff I can do with it so I can justify it taking up space in my shop haha.