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    I am trying to get prices for my father-in-law on Dust Collection Systems. Could someone point me in the right direction to find prices on the internet? I have gone to Ridgid and cannot even find systems and have gone to RidgidParts and can't get prices for the systems they have. Thanks for all assistance.

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    Well, to be truthful, there is a lot more to the internet than but I am sure that Ridgid appreciates you stopping here first

    As far as I know Ridgid does not currently offer a Dust Collection System, they do make some good wet/dry vacs that can be hooked up to just about any shop tool to collect dust, but to be honest a w/d vac is not the best solution for your ears or lungs.

    A dust collection system will run a bit more than a shop vac. There have been a few discussions recently here on the subject, and many in the past.

    Try this link which will list recent threads on this forum;

    or this search on Google;

    There are a number of manufacturers with great web sites, prices range from a couple hundred to a few thousand.

    Look around and do some reading.

    here are just a few of the many manufacturers;
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      You might want to ask that question at this forum. You'll need to provide alot more info though. Things like;
      1. How many machines will be hooked up to the DC.
      2. How elaborate will the piping system be.
      3. What types of tools will be hooked up to the DC.
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        More Info

        Actually he only has a TS3650 table saw, but he does not want all of the fine dust all over his garage and vehicles. I have seen a RidgidDC2000 at but they do not show a price only prices for parts to it. Are you serious that Ridgid actually doesn't make a Dust Collection System? Thanks everybody for their help- I will pass the word along to him.