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Question about bit sets currently available.

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  • Question about bit sets currently available.

    I know from reading numerous posts on here that many of you don't buy router bit sets because there are many of the bits that you don't use. I am however very new to routering and would like a set to try everything out to find out what I like and what I can do with them. My question is this...Does anyone know if the 66 piece set being offered on MLCS and the one on are the same. I know the same bits are offered in each but I wasn't sure if it was the same manufacturer. The set on Bladesnbits is considerably cheaper. I appreciate the help. I find myself learning a geat deal by reading through the posts on here.
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    I guess you are talking about the 66 pc 1/2" shank bit set for $121.58 (USD) ?

    $121.58 / 66 = $1.84 per bit, they don't come any cheaper than that, especially for a piece of tool steel and carbide that is spinning at 25,000 RPM only inches from your face.

    I've don't know anything about this company nor have I heard anything good or bad, but at first glance that price scares me from a quality standpoint. Maybe its a super markdown on some good bits, their site says the sale is for their 5th year anniversary. Some of those bits from other sources would run 10x as much or more, can they really be of equal quality, probably not but they may be good enough for home shop use and to get your feet wet at routing, just not as heavy on the carbide so they won't last as long.

    It looks like a great deal if you want to build a selection of bits fast as you say. You seem to realize that it may be some time before you come across an application for some of the bits in the set and can live with that.

    Anyway, that's my 2¢, which is usually worth about 1¢
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      Even though the cost per bit is low, the initial total outlay is still quite a bit for a bunch of cheaper bits, many of which you're not likely to use. Why not get a smaller set to experiment? There are lots of 12-30 piece sets that offer plenty of profiles to try out for alot less money.


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        To follow up b375rgt's question, has anyone bought from Bladesnbits before and been satisfied with the product?

        They seem to have reasonable if not cheap prices on their bits!

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          I wouldn't be at all surprised if they weren't the same sets just badged with different names.

          I've seen many comments at WoodNet and other forums concerning BladesnBits and mostly they have been positive. They recently had a dynamite price on the Freud SD206 dado set which indicates that they don't sell just junk imports.

          MLCS, in case you didn't know, is somehow connected to Penn State Industries. Whenever I receive a new Penn State catalog it also comes with a MCLS catalog. I've also seen many good comments on MLCS bits.

          I assume that the sets you're looking at are ½" shanks. If not, I would think very seriously about upgrading to a ½" sets.
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            Dave, that is good to hear that their reputation is a positive one. That price just seems so low its hard to believe. I will have to keep them in mind for future bit purchases.
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              It appears I stray form conventional wisdom on this subject and wholeheartedly endorse the purchase of sets for beginners. I bought the 30-bit set from MCLS when I started and wish I had gotten the 66-piece set instead. They contain many one-time use or very seldom-used bits that you must pay $30 each for if purchased locally. Don’t get me wrong, they don’t produce the same quality cut and certainly the cut quality diminishes more rapidly than with premium bits but they still produce good results and they demonstrate a great value when starting out routing. I have since replaced many of the most used bits with premium brands but I don’t regret the set purchase at all. I have no knowledge of the quality of



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                When I got my router table all set up with the Jessem lift, I bought the 66 piece set from It is pretty low quality but I used it to find out what I liked and didn't like. I am now switching over to Infinity bits. They are high quality and I know what I want in a bit. I by no means am an expert in the field but in router bits you get what you pay for. I have burned up 3 or 4 of the cheaper bits, It doesn't take much. I have learned that of all the money spent on tools, there is no better place to spend the money then on the peice of steal, carbide, or silicone steal, that actually touches your work. I actually think you can take a mediocre tool and make it perform just by a high performance blade or bit. Just an opinion.
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