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looking for a fence for TS2412

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  • looking for a fence for TS2412

    Does anyone know where I can get an OEM TS 2412 fence? And an aproximate cost cost ?

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    Item number: 7585847128

    Its not me, I found it in about 1 minute using the search on eBay.
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      Thanks Bob .. I had seen that on Ebay but wasn't sure it was the same as the fence and rails model TS2412 from Ridgid. My local HD has a set of new rails for $20 and I was hoping to find a fence to go along with them.

      Thanks again for your help!


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        Re: looking for a fence for TS2412

        Hi, I'm a new member here. Stumbled on this forum looking for a new fence for my T.S. I also have a TS2412 that is missing a rip fence. Unfortunately a new setup will cost $334... just for the fence. Can anyone help me? I've checked ebay and found nothing. Will something else fit?