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Need advice on Dewalt vs Rigid

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  • Need advice on Dewalt vs Rigid

    I am looking at two Sliding Radial Arm Saws. One is the Dewalt DW708 for $449.00 or the 12" Rigid at $600.00. When you ask for advice at the store you usually end up talking to someone who's never used either. I would appriciate hearing the pro's and con's if anybody is familiar with either of these. Thanks

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    Just to set the record straight, neither of the saws you mentioned is a Radial Arm Saw but both are Sliding Compound Miter Saws. Picky maybe, but there is a difference.

    I don't happen to own either the DeWalt or the Ridgid, but from looking at both in the stores, my choice would be the DeWalt. DeWalt has always enjoyed a great rep when it comes to their miter saws while Ridgids reviews are spotty. In all fairness though, the Ridgid 12" slider does receive the best reviews of the three miter saws Ridgid offers.

    The DeWalt does not offer a laser while the Ridgid does but keep in mind that the laser on the Ridgid is only a guide to the general area that the cut will be made and not the actual cutline. Worthless IMO.
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      The Dewalt does offer a laser. It is just an item that you add on later. It is only about $50.00 and it is not mounted to the blade but above the blade guard and it is adjustable. However, it will only show a line on one side of the blade or the other.
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        DeWalt does offer a laser option yes, but it WILL NOT fit the DW-708, it only works with the newer version SCMS. The reason that the DW-708 is $449 is because they are clearing them out now that the new version is on the market. I have a DW-708 and like it. I've had it for about 5 years now. One big difference in the two is the size of the table, the Ridgid is larger. I don't remember how the clamp on the Ridgid works, but the DeWalt clamps downwards from the top of the material being cut, some miter saws clamp from the front towards the back fence, I think I prefer the DeWalt method, seems safer to me. No chance of the wood being pulled up and thrown around.

        On any MS, dust control is a problem. If you are using it on a work site its probably not too big a concern. Mine stays in one place mounted on the Ridgid MS-UV in the shop so I put together a dust hood that is mounted to the wall where I have the MS setup. This is hooked into my dust collection system. When I take the MS-UV and MS 'on the road', I just pick it up and go, nothing to disconnect or fiddle with. When I come back, I just park it in front of the hood and I'm ready to work.

        The MS-UV is the best of the mobile miter saw stands out there. Since you are looking at the DW-708 for $449 which up until a month ago was still selling for $600, you can pick up the MS-UV for (I think the current price is) $149 and pay as much as you would for the Ridgid MS alone.

        Hint: I think Ridgid could make a great package out of their miter saws and the MS-UV. Maybe get a $50 mail-in rebate when you buy the MS-UV AND a miter saw at the same time. Don't forget to save those UPC codes from the boxes Might steal some sales away from other make saws.

        I had my DW-708 for a number of years before the MS-UV came out, and had it mounted on my WorkMate which worked out OK, but the MS-UV is a much better way to go.

        So if I were in the market right now for a MS, I think I would make the same choices again, the DW-708 (or the new DW-718) and Ridgid MS-UV. The laser is not really necessary for this type of tool in my opinion and would not be a deciding factor is one over the other to me.

        Oh, almost forgot. Since the DW-708 is discontinued, get whatever accessories you can now, before they are gone and no longer in production or available. The one item I would leave off that list is the dust bag...worthless just as the dust bags on most miter saws are. But get the hold-down clamp for sure (you only need one, clamping both sides of the material is not safe), it might come standard now but was optional when I bought mine.

        If you get the MS-UV you won't need the DeWalt table extensions, as the MS-UV will handle this task. The crown stops might be worth getting if you plan to do crown molding, but there are third party options that are better in my opinion.
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          Believe it or not, I got my 715 at Home Depot for 249.00 because it was listed as a display model. (Just came out, weird huh?) It even said no blade but came with the cheap on most DW MSs. Could not pass up that bargain. Now I have a DW MS, Ridgid TS and JP. My shop is coming together nicely.
          Sometimes it is better to appear like an idiot, then to open your mouth and prove someone right.

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            Go rigid

            Love the Rigid.Have used both and found that especially if anyone else gets ther mitts on it the dewalt was off and needed realigning occasionally.If you do detail work this becomes a HUGE issue.Also the rigid with removable laser has the option to use ir not,stronger collection bag and more stable armiture if you plan on moving it this is a huge plus for accuraccy,dont forget to check the difference in warranty too. Also found the base works better in some situations
            p.s. I have "converted" a few guys to rigid saws now and they are all pretty happy.


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              Laser shmazer !!

              What ever happened to the good old pencil mark.

              I personally use a Dewalt dw706 12" dual bevel and would be hard pressed to find a saw that will give it a run for the money. My other pick would be the Delta 36-412 12"dual bevel, nice saw.

              One of the guys bought a new 12" Dewalt (715??)with the laser option, we spent an hour mounting the stupid thing and it never was accurate. Waste of time and money !

              Buy a simple saw with large cutting capacity and you won't regret it. Keep it simple...



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                The laser bothers me as well when you can tell it is at least 1/8th to 1/16th from the cut. If i want to keep it on I'll just have to measure according to how far the laser is off by. at least i still have the option of removing the laser.
                I am really pleased with my Ridgid 10" cms and the price was unreal! I got the Ridgid StFi nailer and the saw for $200! Other wise i would have gone for the makita. Just because i have used their other corded tools and know they can take a beating!
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                  Hi there and Thanks for the info on the miter saws. I am in the market for a new one and have been pondering several models. Is it true that ridgid has a model that will cut 60 degree angles? just asking, that would be handy!! If anyone has one of these critters let me know!! thanks!!