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    Ineed to replace the knives in my 6" jointer (Ridgid) the local Home Depot where I bought the jointer does not carry them. I have n ot found any on the intermet. The Ridgid does not list them. Where can I get my hands on a set? Are there alternatives to the ridgid knives?

    art johnson

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    Even though HD does not carry them in stock they can order them for you.
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      Your local HD doesn't carry replacement knives for your RIDGID Jointer? Where have I heard that before! There is absolutely no legitimate reason for that to happen.

      When I was in the market for a planer, I was all set to pull the trigger on the Ridgid. At that time my local HD didn't stock the replacement knives. That was the deal killer for me and I purchased another brand. If I can't get service after the sale for normal wear and tear items like knives I refuse to buy that product even though I may like and want it.

      Presently, I'm saveing my pennies for a jointer. Unless some big changes are made with the way HD stocks consumable parts, it won't be a Ridgid!

      Sorry for the rant and I apologize for sidetracking your thread but RIDGID really needs to lay down the law with HD on issues such as this. In the last few days there has also been a couple of threads about the unavailability of sanding sleeves for the Ridgid Belt/Spindle Sander at HD. If HD wants to be the sole retailer for Ridgid tools then they need to inventory these kinds of consumables.
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        Right On My Brother!!

        Hey, another round for BadgerDave! I couldn't agree with you more!
        I really love the Ridgid products. With the exception of maybe the bandsaw, i think i would purchase all Ridgid tools but...
        I do have a fear of being stuck without the consumables i will eventually need. I did purchase the sander knowing that they didn't stock the drums. But only because they do stock a Ryobi package of replacements.
        I've heard some not-so-good feedback online about Ridgid's website, so that kind of scares me off too. If they had a kick-butt online ordering website then that would be different.

        So why DOESN'T Ridgid push HD to stock these items. BadgerDave if you aren't buying Ridgid because of it and I don't want to... How many thousands of other guys and gals are feeling the same way? How many sales is too many to loose in Ridgid's eyes?
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          Try this:

          These replacement knives are made by Freud and supposed to be a good replacement for the Ridgid jointer.


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            I guess I am a bit more lucky here. At least 2 of my local HD carry the knives for the Ridgid planer and are on the shelf right behind the display. I have also been looking at that planer....

            I have not seen any knives for the jointer however and am in agreement with that being a problem and also leads me to look elsewhere for that future purchase.

            As for the sanding sleeves, I would tend to agree there. But having found some other resources for them that are probably cheaper than what HD would sell them at I did get over that. I don't care for the Ryobi package as it is just a package of several sizes, one of each. Usually I don't need to replace all sizes and usually only use 1 or 2 sizes so it would be a waste to keep buying a whole package when I am only going to use part of it.

            Hopefully HD and Ridgid will work things out or put in place a nice online ordering system.

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              The ones that olilugo suggested from Amazon will indeed fit, I currently have them on mine and they work great. I had to wait approximately 2 months for Amazon to ship them but I have since read on other forums that will beat their price and ship them out right away. I have not found any HD’s in this area that stock the blades either.



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                It's great that you guys shared your sources. Maybe there is hope yet for the Ridgid purchase.

                It's just sad that such a great product for the price (IMO) has such week support.
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                  jointer knives

                  If you go to, you can order them there, make sure you have your PN# tho, it will be easier,I just order gib screws and knife bar, good luck to you


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                    There stores really shold carry the stuff. I personally dont like special ordering anything. When I know I need something I want it right away, because thats when I need it.
                    Most HD employees hate taking the time (due to lack of training,and not having to do it often enough) to do a special order.


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                      Jointer knives

                      I found knives for my 6" jointer at Sears.


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                        I bought replacements at Sears too.

                        Bob R