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    I bought a TS3650 on 10 Jan 2006. I mailed in the info about a week later. I received an e-mail today (01 Feb 2006) that my LSA had been updated and I checked the web sight and it is. Evidently all the forum traffic on this subject is being listened to. Thank you for those that raised the issue and persued it. I'd say two weeks was pretty good!!
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    That's great to hear that things are changing for the better. You are right, two weeks is a respectable response time, especially when you take into account that the mailing probably took at least 3 days to reach them.
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      I guess I am an unlucky one I did mine and have yet to hear from them, I did this maybe 2 mpnths ago or so.


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        If you are still waiting for your LSA card it comes in 8 -12 weeks as they say, mine was really 14 but i got it. just be patient they are probably swamped with the paperwork.
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          I don't have the reciept for my CMS, so I called HD and asked if I could get another copy (I bought it with the HD credit card). They said I should call the card company and have them print me a statement showing that I bought it, and that that would work for the warranty - does anyone know if this is true?

          I'm afraid that even if I call Ridgid and ask, whoever I talk to will say it's fine, but then two months later I find out that it won't work, meanwhile the HD rep and the Ridgid reps that I talk to are back in their parents' basement smoking weed and laughing about all the customers they screwed over (okay, okay, that's rough, but I really like HD and Ridgid, I'm just biased against the whole customer disservice industry).


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            I don't know if the copy of the credit card statment would work or not, but I would verify first.

            I am surprised that HD told you that though. I have had to get a new reciept from them before and it was no problem. I just went down there and they printed it again right from the register (they used my card for a reference to find my purchase, although I did not use a HD card but I shouldn't think it would matter). Another time they even dug an older one out of their computer and printed it out on a different kind of paper, but a reciept none the less. You might try checking again next time you go there and ask someone in person. They should be more willing to work with you than what they told you, IMO.

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