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MS1290LZ - RIDGID 12 In. Double-Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw

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  • MS1290LZ - RIDGID 12 In. Double-Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw

    i have a RIDGID 12 In. Double-Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw with Exactline. Model MS1290LZ. Love the saw. I used the heck out of it building my garage I just finished. I used it without the laser the whole project, couldn't see the need to have it on. I was building some box frames last night and decided I would use the laser, so I put it on. What I have noticed, is that it is about 1/16 off of the cut line, to the fat side. I'm confused, i thought it was "EXACTLINE". Shouldn't the cut line also be the laser line?

    Thanks for any info..

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    That is a big negative. The laser line will be, as you said, about 1/16 off to the side. It will be off to the side that the laser/washer is mounted on. Technology hasn't quite caught up to us yet to find a way to put the laser line right where the cut will be until someone finds a good place to mount the laser to accurately show the actual cut line. At least not on any of the MS I have seen as of yet, not to say there isn't one out there. I think you will see that some people on this forum are like me and don't really care to use that feature, while a few others have adapted and enjoy it. I just don't find it all that useful.

    I did check out the manual online for that saw real quick and was surprised to see that (on page. 38) it said to align the laser line with you cut off mark on the product you are cutting. Normally docs will state to move it slightly to the side to make up the difference. However, they also say to "do some practice cuts to become familiar with correctly lining the laser mark up with the cut off mark and blade". Guess that maybe saying something......

    With the laser being on the side of the blade there can always be variables that will affect its accuracy such as variations in the thickness of the blade, tightness, how flush it is and level, etc. I just rather do it the "old fasioned way" and it works fine for me.

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      Thats kind of funny, only because i bought a pro-tech 10" compund mitre back in 1997, and about 4-5 years back i ordered the laser that craftsman uses in their saws. That saw cuts right on the line. Maybe i should see if i can switch lasers.. Thanks for your help


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        The laser disc that Ridgid uses is the same disc that Craftsman, Ryobi and some others use. If the disc you got at Sears does show the actual cutline then its obviously defective.
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