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  • Well,here goes

    I am about to start my FIRST table saw. I am new to woodworking and have been educating myself as much as I can. So for my first TS,I bought the TS3650. I was looking at the lower priced models but decided to invest a few more bucks and get one that will last. My first project is going to be a bench for my workshop. I have a pretty good idea of how my bench will be built. For the top,I'm going to rip some 2x4's to 3". Lay them side by side and glue and screw them together. For the legs,I'm going to use 4x4's and notch out the top so that bench will rest on the notches.

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    Sounds like a plan.

    What I did was scarf up some 36" x 9' doors where I worked (they were throwing them away) and used that for a table top. I then attached some 4" x 4" legs as you are suggesting.

    Two of the doors were metal clad so I use those for the welding bench. Works pretty well, especially for the cost involved.

    It is impossible to make anything foolproof because fools are so ingenious.


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      table saw

      that will be a good project to start with. i just want to remind you how safe you have to be around a table saw. remember that things can kick back and knots can fly back. there are many hazards but as long as you know about them first you will be safe. youll have to post a picture of the bench when your done.