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Can I remove this water stain?

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  • Can I remove this water stain?

    I was playing with a piece of the Walnut I got last month at the Woodworks Show, and tried taking off some thin slices with my old Craftsman 12" Bandsaw. This piece was in the firewood pile and it was something I had cut off a longer board when I was sizing and stacking all the wood in the garage. None of the wood is ready for use yet, that will take at least another year.

    Anyway, the piece had an interesting pattern with the sap and heartwood and here's what I found after taking a couple slices off. Each of the four slices I have arranged together here are about 6" x 16" overall

    You'll see in the area I have circled in red a stain in the sapwood. Since this was laying out in the weather in the woodpile it got wet from the rain the other day, and apparently the rainwater has stained this area. Will or can this be washed out or somehow removed? I doubt it but thought I'd ask.

    Oh, here's the little engine that could, my 1984 Craftsman 12" 1/2 HP Bandsaw. I used a 1/2" 4 TPI Skip-tooth blade, which is the max blade size for this saw. Max resaw is 6", there is 6.375" clearance between the upper guide and the table. I use cool blocks in place of the steel guide blocks and have tweaked the saw a bit here and there to improve performance and add features.
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    I love that bookmatch! I think the best way to remove the water stains would be to box it up and send it to me and let me worry about it!
    I'm actually getting ready to start a project where 2 of those sets would make BEAUTIFUL doors. I will be making something like this, only out of walnut. Mine will be roughly 30" tall and that bookmatch would make beautiful doors:
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