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AC1098 TS Dust Collector? Discontinued?

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  • AC1098 TS Dust Collector? Discontinued?

    Does anyone know if the AC1098 Table Saw Dust Collector is still available? My local HD doesn't have it (or much else for the saws) and when I attempt to order in online, the ordering system just kind of laughs at me. (I swear I heard a snicker)




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    You mean this little beauty right here?

    I think that it is what software writers call vaporware.
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      *sigh* That's what I thought. Oh well. Guess I'll just make my own "soon".




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        Its sad, but unfortunately these kind of accessories are not carried or sold more aggressively in the stores. If they were they would almost surely get purchased at the time the TS is bought.

        I worked for Kelly Springfield (a Div. of Goodyear) many years ago. One thing we were taught about tire sales was to sell the accessories which for a tire sale back then (radials were hot and just coming out, I'm talking early 70s here) was to sell new valve stems, wheel balancing, and to ensure the mechanics checked the front end while the car was on the lift. That was for two reasons which you have all probably heard;
        1. To verify the front end components were not going to cause premature tire wear, because most tires came with 30K, 40K, 50K, or more mileage warranties back then, and to minimize warranty claims you wanted to be sure the front end was not flopping all around after hitting the slightest bump.
        2. To gain additional sales (and maximize profit for this sale) if there were any worn front end parts (ball joints, tie rod ends, bushings, shocks, etc.). Use the pressure of no tire warranty (due to loose parts) to get the owner to replace the faulty front end components now. Hey, I didn't dream this stuff up, that is how we were taught to sell. Not to lie about the need for front end parts, which people think is the case most of the time.
        My point is that a $459.00 table saw sale can become a $650.00 sale or higher if you have the accessories on hand to entice the buyer when he/she is most vulnerable, which is while they are still glassy-eyed and drooling over the new table saw that they can't wait to get home and setup.

        Think about it. If you were in the store today to buy a TS-3650, would you buy one or two Zero Clearance Inserts for $19.99 or $24.99 at the time of purchase so you could start using them right away. Or would you say no, I'll go on the internet and order them and pay shipping or I'll take a trip to that specialty woodworking store (Rockler, Woodcraft, whatever), waste some gasoline at $2.30/gal and some more of my time, and come home with the same thing I could have bought when I bought my TS?

        If you could buy a Dust Collection accessory that was designed to work with your model TS, wouldn't you be inclined to purchase it when you bought the TS or would you come home and try to kludge together some makeshift system?

        If there was an outfeed table available that worked with your new TS, and allowed it to operate throughout its full range of adjustment, and made overall use of the TS safer, more productive, and broadened it capabilities, wouldn't you be inclined to buy that at a reasonable price when you bought your TS? Or would you come home, spend six months to a year looking around in stores and the internet for another manufacturers table or a home-built table that you could adapt to fit your TS, or end up designing and building your own?

        That's just three items. Those three items could boost that total initial sale to close $700 easily. BUT ONLY IF THERE ARE THERE IN THE STORE TO BE PURCHASED DURING THE INITIAL SALE. Once the buyer is out the door you (Ridgid & HD) have lost the advantage and are throwing money away. Oh, you might have to educate some of the Orange Aprons on salesmanship and give them a little product knowledge so they can talk intelligently about your products and the benefits to the customer of buying various accessories.

        I didn't have to go to Wharton School of Business to figure this out, its Sales 101. Apparently the buyers and marketing people at HD slept through this class, because everybody that buys a Ridgid TS walks out of HD with a new saw but with not even the chance to buy any accessories, because they are not in the stores.
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        "It's a table saw, do you know where your fingers are?" Bob D. 2006


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          You have 100% of my vote Bob.

          I've never really put much thought into accessories for whatever I was buying until I bought this TS3650. I was caught so off guard it is a little embarrasing quite frankly. Now I make a point out of checking anything I buy that may require accessories in the future, just to be safe.

          Still enjoying all 10 fingers!


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            What gets me, is that since I know so very little to begin with, I have no idea what accessories there are, what ones I need or just the ones I would like to try. That makes it very discouraging when going to make a purchase and the sales person knows even less than I.
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              I hear ya b375rgt. I'm very new to this too and i've got a million questions about everything - including accessories.
              That's one great thing about this forum - these guys are the greatest source of information! Several of the guys have helped me with all my stupid newbie questions and the thoroughness of the answers has been astounding
              I have to say that thanks to this forum and the quys in it, i have the confidence to begin this little journey.
              One thing is for sure... I don't even bother asking anyone at HD a technical question about woodworking anymore. I'll ask here FIRST, then go to HD or online or where ever it's suggested to go. The employees at HD are just that - employees, nothing more. They try the best they can but they just don't have the experence (just like me).

              Okay, i'm done ranting...
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                Uh oh...

                Why do i have this feeling that Lorax is going to have a suggestion for where i can go...

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                  Who me?

                  Originally posted by nobunaga-sama
                  then go to HD or online or where ever it's suggested to go.
                  Even though you came right out and asked for it, I would never be so bold as to presume to tell you where to go.

                  However I hear the preferred mode of transportation is "in a handbasket".
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                    I knew it!

                    I knew it... I just knew it!
                    Yoroshiku onegai shimasu