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  • HD coupons and Ebay

    Does anyone have any experience in buying some of those coupons people sell on Ebay for Home Depot?? I am trying to save a few bucks on a potential future purchase of a planer and jointer and was eyeing that as a possible savings, but am not sure if they are that reliable or possible copies? Don't want to get into any fraud concerns or scams if I can help it though, but I see some out there for 10% and 20% off and that could save me a few hundred dollars on those 2 tool purchases....

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    I'd be really hesitant about buying so-called "coupons" of any kind on E-bay. Check your local HD or competitor for discounts. If a competitor has a store in the vicinity of any HD, then HD will usually honor it. Also, if you know anyone who is planning a move or has recently moved, HD offers a 10% coupon; same with opening an account.

    Over on the web site, under the "Bargain Alerts" forum, new is often posted regarding discount coupons. (The BT3 site is for owners and fans of the Ryobi BT3100 table saw; but there are no restrictions for anyone.)

    On a forum that I often visit, there was some concern recently as it was found that someone had posted a 20% Off coupon that was strictly for HD employees. Apparently, these were handed out just before Christmas as a "gift" to employees and someone must have copied it and posted it. Obviously, making copies was fraudulent and the site manager shut down the post immediately. This just points out the care one must take to avoid such things. I'd be very hesitant about paying anyone money for a so-called coupon.



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      The 20% off coupon was a Christmas gift from HD to the employees. They are good for up to $400 off a $2000 purchase. There are people who have been selling them on EBay. The coupon was attached to a letter with the employees name address and store number on it. There are some EBay sellers who are claiming to have the complete letter including the perforated coupon attached to the bottom. There are others who are just selling the coupon itself, these are probably copies. Im sure that HD knows by now that some people are selling their coupons, and if I were in management at the store I would insist on getting identification with the coupon, but I think its too late for that now because there is nothing saying ID needed on the coupon. HD is assuming that not too many of their employees are really going to try to make a big purchase with the coupon. Christmas' past there would be a $25 gift card given. Some people would pass them along to their dad/boyfriend/grandpa etc others use them. With the 20% off you have to buy in order to use it. Im going to use every penny of mine, I have an attic that needs remodeling, so I have my complete list of everything that I need, before I need it and Im getting it all at once (sorry to stray)