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  • Now I know!

    Well, started putting my TS together. What a worthless document! The pictures are too small, they skip parts that are needed, or do not list what fasteners to use. Acutually I found a great use for the manual, I ran out of TP and had the manual sitting right there, so, goodby JC Penny catalog, hello Ridgid!
    Sometimes it is better to appear like an idiot, then to open your mouth and prove someone right.

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    have to agree.
    It started good then sort of lost it's way.
    Maybe the translation got messed up.
    They even mixed parts and did not mention it.
    So after a bunch of cursing and name calling got it figured out.
    this site is good for the manual.
    Plus loads of stuff.
    will learn a bunch here.
    Enjoy the TS.

    Plus the Planer and jointer will follow take my word for it.
    Not responsible for speeling mistakes


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      TS Manual Blues

      Man, I wish I had read this forum before assembling my saw. I put it together yesterday and you guys were right. EXACTLY at page 19 of the manual (came in the box) they started forgetting to list the size and number of fasteners for the operation. What a headache! Got it put together with a little common sense. Happily the only parts left over were three bolts and nuts. Thought I had left something out. Looked through the manual twice and gave up. Got on this forum today and I find out its for a wood auxilliary fence should I choose to attach one. Kudos for the saw but darts for the manual. Oh well.