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First post - discount question.

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    Good choice

    It's a great saw. I don't think you'll regret it. Be sure to read all the assembly tips posted here.
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      Like Ryan, I got my 3650 for 20% off with the HF coupon. There are 3 HDs within 25 minutes of my home and work. Two said no over the phone (after checking with the manager on duty) The third said, "probably" They took it when I showed up. The girl I spoke with on the phone was getting off work at 3:00 and she agreed to wait for me if I got there a couple minutes late. I got there just about 3pm and got the TS for $439.

      It was the only one they had, ugly box and the rails box looked scary. I just drove right over to my local HD (in my own town) and told them EXACTLY what had happened regarding the coupon, etc. I also told them I would like to exchange my ugly boxes for their nice new one AND THEY DID!

      I probably wasn't thier favorite customer that day but I got what I wanted, fair and square. Love the saw.


      Originally posted by ryan.s
      I recently purchased the TS3650 also and used a HF 20% coupon at HD to get $110.00 off. I called them first and checked with the tools/hardware manager of my local HD. From what I have been reading on different forums is that it's hit and miss depending on who you talk to. I know there is a HF out there that expires on the 13th or 15th of this month.
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        Mostly depends on the store and mood of the manager. Talk to them and tell them you are deciding between the 3650 and the Craftsman hybrid and the craftsman has 10% off right now. They may make you the same offer if you are ready to buy right then.
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          I picked up the 3650 today and a Porter Cable router a Freud Dado set and some sawhorses, plus some new fluorescent lighting. I managed to talk my way into the 10% discount after speaking with the manager. I guess it helped that I happened to also be buying a snowthrower for my father-in-law (Beautiful Ariens 13HP monster for 50% off - a real steal)

          I got home and noticed that they didn't charge me for the Dado's (92$), so I'll need to go back to HD tomorrow and recitfy that. Other than that, I am pleased that was able to get the saw for ~$500 after the discount


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            Originally posted by VTDivot
            Called HD - they will only match and beat prices on the same tool.
            Depends on the store manager. I had to hit 3 before I found one to accept the HF coupon. Don't give up.
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              *tears* my HD won't take the *snif* HF 20% coupon. I don't think I can wait until Memorial Day to get the Vet's 10%....
              I guess I'll just have to suck it up
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                I recently purchased a 3650 from Home Depot using a 20% off coupon that I purchased off ebay. The cashier didn't hesitate too much but two days later I got a call from the store wanting to know where I got it. I didn't tell them. They claimed the coupons were being abused and were trying to track them down.


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                  I recently purchased the 3650 and to get a 10% discount I applied for a HD card...which I will payoff as soon as I get the statement and probably never use again...


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                    HD discount

                    I just got $100.00 of on Ridgid new router pkg. All I did was get a commecial HD credit card on the spot!