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Saw gone off true

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  • Saw gone off true

    I swear, last night in a coffee shop I told a group of guys how happy I was with my Ridgid 12" mitre saw. This morning, something has gone wrong.

    It still cuts an almost-true - it was never perfect - straight cut (zero vertical, zero horizontal). However when I flop it over to 45 degrees vertical on either side, it's suddenly *WAY* off on the horizontal axis, almost 1/8" out of true on a 5 1/2" board!

    I feel like an idiot, but I don't know what's gone wrong. The saw is set up in my home, nobody has even touched it since I used it yesterday, and I don't see where on the saw I could adjust it back into true.

    Is this really a mystical problem resulting from my boasting to my friends, or is there something more practical that I can look at?

    Thanks in advance for any ideas.

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    There are adjustment under the table of the saw. The book tells how to line it up.
    SSG, U.S. Army
    K.I.S.S., R.T.F.M.


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      Also there is a stop pin that will stop the saw at 45 when tilting it. You may have pull the pin to its out position allowing the saw to tilt past 45.
      SSG, U.S. Army
      K.I.S.S., R.T.F.M.


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        Thanks TOD, but it is the HORIZONTAL axis that goes out-of-true when I rotate the saw on the VERTICAL axis. Leaving the pin out to rotate past 45 degrees isn't going to help, and wouldn't be much of a permanent solution.

        For clarity, when the saw is set to zero/zero it cuts as true as it ever did. However when it is rotated 45 degrees VERTICAL to either side, suddenly I have to compensate by manually adjusting more than one degree on the HORIZONTAL axis.

        My manual isn't available on line (I have the MS1290LZ). I've already looked at the manual for the 1250 saw, which is available here, but didn't see anything there to help. As I expect my own manual did, the 1250 manual counsels first setting horizontal alignment and then setting vertical alignment.

        My horizontal alignment is fine, until I rotate the saw vertically. Doesn't seem to make sense, but that's what's happening. Any more ideas?


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          You can get the manaul here.

          SSG, U.S. Army
          K.I.S.S., R.T.F.M.


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            TOD, thanks for finding the manual for the 1290.

            Just went through the entire alignment procedure. I made a minute adjustment to the horizontal mitre alignment. The saw has always been off about 1/64" on a 5 1/2" board, now it's perfect. I adjusted the top two gib screws on the slider to eliminate a minute amount of play in the sliders.

            No other adjustments were required. The saw is perfectly aligned per the manual.

            I can now make a perfect zero/zero cut, on thick stock it's perfect across the board and from top to bottom. But still, when I rotate to a 45 degree bevel (vertical) the mitre (horizontal) goes off by about 1.5 degrees from zero! It is very slightly improved after the alignment, but still off about 3/32 on a 5 1/2" board.

            Am I going to have to adjust mitre for every bevel cut from now on <groan> or is there something else I can check?

            Thanks again.


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              I would check with Ridgid Technical Services and see what their tolerances are for this. There might be a new saw in your future !

              It is impossible to make anything foolproof because fools are so ingenious.


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                Thanks Gerry. I did eventually call Ridgid last week. They have seen this problem before - they call it "bevel lean" - and it requires dealer replacement of parts in the pivot mechanism of the saw. The two closest repair centers are both 40 miles away, and both need to keep the saw for days (one for over a week!) to repair it. <groan>

                Ridgid didn't offer a new saw. That would have been nice as this one is barely six months old, personal use only doing trim work in my own home. It has probably seen about as much work as a contractor would give it in 2-3 weeks!

                I do have to say I've been pleased with it until this problem very suddenly appeared, literally the morning after I was telling some guys what a great saw it was! But it's going to take two eighty-mile round trips and days of delay for repair, with my wife giving me the evil eye as work stops partially-done, and that sure takes the polish off the thing!

                Thanks for your advice.