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  • mitersaw:is this worth saving

    Hey guys,I have a miter saw at work that a company is going to scrap and we get to keep all there scrap tools for parts if anything is useable.the miter saw is a makitaLS1220 it needs a gear,linkplate for the guard,2kerf boards,and a dustbag.there is a slight chip on the table,but it is behind the does not come with any accessories. iam am looking at about 60.00 to70.00 to fix.what do you think?
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    THIS ls1220 must be an older saw i did not fined it on there web sight.

    my boss usually will replace the tool if the cost is more then 1/2 the replacement cost . but if the tool is still in good shape and is worth it he will repair it.

    i like to use this as an excuse to my wife to get a new one and then i will up grade the tool

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      Makita charges a premium for their parts. AS a result, I have a number of their models that's collecting dust. I get it that the'd rather sell you another tool. Someday, I guess these will be wall ornaments.
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        Well the parts came to 22.00 bucks i think its a keeper. now all i got to do is start learning the trade.
        A fishing pole is the best cordless tool!